Ayahuasca: my search for earth’s medicine – Part II

The shaman opened a glass jar of red liquid, stood in front of 11 of us and said calmly “first cup.” It all hit me. It’s happening. I’m about to drink aya-fricking-huasca in the jungle of Costa Rica. I was calm, ready and felt fine up until I saw the little Israeli shaman with a shot glass in one hand and a large jar in the other looking directly at me. He nodded his head with a warm smile, a sign to come forward and drink the medicine. We were gathered in an open adobe temple with a fire pit in the middle. There were shrines of different spiritual leaders, crystals, and incense burning. We were all given a thin mattress with a top sheet and a pillow. There were about 4 puke buckets placed evenly between the group. Candles lit up the open space all around us as we aligned in a circle formation around the fire. People of all ages, ethnicities (mostly gringos), and walks of life gathered to receive answers from the spirit grandmother of Ayahuasca. Continue reading

Ayahuasca: my search for earth’s medicine – Part I

August 8th, 2018 – We are about to head to an ayahuasca retreat today in the jungle of Costa Rica. What the eff is Ayahausca and why are you doing such a crazy thing? Where? How? What?! I’ll explain everything below.

*Part one includes pre-retreat info* (stay tuned for part dos) Continue reading

Worst Traveler Ever

I don’t know if I’d get the WORST traveler award, but I’d come in a close second or third. I forgot my running shoes and only sun dress at our last Airbnb in Panama. I forget things all the time. I get lost. I rarely plan anything. Recently another “travel fail” happened that is too good not to share. (lol)

We are traveling from Panama to Costa Rica by land. I have crossed multiple borders by land. I have plenty of experience. I should be expert level at border crossing, but I’m not. We get to the border and I see a large sign that says “must have proof of departure.” I freeze. Most countries require proof that you will leave their country. You know what I forget EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to enter into a new country? Proof of departure. I think I’ve remembered maybe once out of the last 10 times. Luckily some countries are just happy you are visiting. Others (like Costa Rica) do not budge. Continue reading