Thoughts From Him

Darien here. Where do I start? First time out of the country, first time facing the fear of being outside the normality that our society puts us in to feel secure. Really though, what is security? Honestly too much fake main stream turmoil to remember what that means anymore (sidetrack). Traveling has been an eight layer cake of emotions, but to stay in one city or one country your whole life hinders you from growing. There is so much out here! With that being said I am learning that emotions are the way of life and to have them is one thing but to understand and conquer them is a whole other level to seeing the world. We have only seen Ecuador so far and its influence has already taught me the only limitation you have are those that you place upon yourself. Meeting very ambitious people and hearing their stories of internal success shows that the downfalls are really a test to experience great times. Also putting things in perspective of what is miniscule and what holds value, definitely still learning. But with these new experiences I hope to influence a generation, okay that’s far fetch, or at least the people closes to me to show them your dreams are obtainable with a plan and the will to want something. I know how that sounds though, another stupid ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ metaphor, but really if you don’t stand for something your doomed to fall for anything. Now is the time to exercise our wisdom. With that being said I yearn for tough times because with her by my side the world is our oyster.