Ayahuasca: my search for earth’s medicine – Part II

The shaman opened a glass jar of red liquid, stood in front of 11 of us and said calmly “first cup.” It all hit me. It’s happening. I’m about to drink aya-fricking-huasca in the jungle of Costa Rica. I was calm, ready and felt fine up until I saw the little Israeli shaman with a shot glass in one hand and a large jar in the other looking directly at me. He nodded his head with a warm smile, a sign to come forward and drink the medicine. We were gathered in an open adobe temple with a fire pit in the middle. There were shrines of different spiritual leaders, crystals, and incense burning. We were all given a thin mattress with a top sheet and a pillow. There were about 4 puke buckets placed evenly between the group. Candles lit up the open space all around us as we aligned in a circle formation around the fire. People of all ages, ethnicities (mostly gringos), and walks of life gathered to receive answers from the spirit grandmother of Ayahuasca. Continue reading

Ayahuasca: my search for earth’s medicine – Part I

August 8th, 2018 – We are about to head to an ayahuasca retreat today in the jungle of Costa Rica. What the eff is Ayahausca and why are you doing such a crazy thing? Where? How? What?! I’ll explain everything below.

*Part one includes pre-retreat info* (stay tuned for part dos) Continue reading

Monogamy is Dead

I don’t believe in monogamy. It doesn’t come from a bitter place, it comes from experience and observing relationships around me. I haven’t believed in it for a while now. The hurt a person feels after their partner is unfaithful can be avoided. We create these walls around relationships and when something goes wrong, our world collapses. Continue reading

Colombian Plastic Surgery, Diets, and My Personal Struggles

I had this epiphany in Cali. It’s like one day everything clicked and I realized all of the huge Colombian derrières are fake, everyone (or it seems like) has plastic surgery. Continue reading

Twenty Seven

Twenty seven years of life. It feels good. I refuse to say I’m old or “oh my god I’m so close to 30!” I have yet to even see my first grey hair. I see 40 and 50 year olds completing iron man races. I see 90 year old yoga instructors. I still feel so young. Continue reading