Hitchhiking in Mexico

WARNING: hitchhiking may lead to these particular events…

1. Finding an awesome ride.

You may be hitchhiking to a city about an hour away called Tequila, Mexico to drink some tequila with your two friends, Tarzan and Gabi. You guys may be picked up by someone like Xavier. Xavier is heading to Mazatlan, Mexico to party with his friends for Semana Santa/Spring Break. Continue reading

Screw Travel Warnings

I recently received an e-mail from someone which included a link to a US Government website where you can find travel warnings. The page included where and where not to go in Mexico. In summary: don’t go to Mexico, you will get kidnapped and die.

I would like to share a revised version of my response e-mail. Continue reading

Courtney Goes to Mexico

What? I thought you were traveling Guatemala to Panama? Change of plans. I lost my computer charger somewhere in Guatemala and sometime between then and now, I got an itch to come to Mexico. So here I am, in a new country and new computer charger in hand. Hola from San Cristobal Las Casas, Mexico! Continue reading