Six Vegan/Veg Spots in Lima

OH MY GUAVA. If you’re veggie or vegan (or just like good food), PUT LIMA ON YO LIST. I’d come here again just for all the beautiful vegan food I’ve devoured. Here’s a list of 6 of my favorite spots as well as some VegTips for Lima at the bottom!

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We Quit… Our Second Work Exchange

We broke up……. with our second work exchange.

Due to sleep deprivation, I’m not exactly sure how we ended up telling the boss of the hostel we were leaving the following morning. We had enough. WE QUIT! We had planned our escape, packed and prepped everything to leave. The boss woman was 20 years old, completely overworked and underpaid begged us to stay another week. After she realized that was not happening, she begged for us just to cover the day shift the following day. The answer was no. Also, we booked our Airbnb and bus ticket already to Lima, there was no going back. Continue reading

Should I do a Guided Tour…?

This is not much of an informational blog post, just felt like sharing two funny stories about skipping guided tours: one success and one epic fail. There seems to be tours for EVERYTHING. Want to go to a canyon a couple of miles away? There’s a tour for that! Want to casually walk around town? WAIT! You can take a walking tour! Ugh. I hate tours. Continue reading