Monogamy is Dead

I don’t believe in monogamy. It doesn’t come from a bitter place, it comes from experience and observing relationships around me. I haven’t believed in it for a while now. The hurt a person feels after their partner is unfaithful can be avoided. We create these walls around relationships and when something goes wrong, our world collapses. Continue reading

Colombian Plastic Surgery, Diets, and My Personal Struggles

I had this epiphany in Cali. It’s like one day everything clicked and I realized all of the huge Colombian derrières are fake, everyone (or it seems like) has plastic surgery. Continue reading

Twenty Seven

Twenty seven years of life. It feels good. I refuse to say I’m old or “oh my god I’m so close to 30!” I have yet to even see my first grey hair. I see 40 and 50 year olds completing iron man races. I see 90 year old yoga instructors. I still feel so young. Continue reading

Hitchhiking in Mexico

WARNING: hitchhiking may lead to these particular events…

1. Finding an awesome ride.

You may be hitchhiking to a city about an hour away called Tequila, Mexico to drink some tequila with your two friends, Tarzan and Gabi. You guys may be picked up by someone like Xavier. Xavier is heading to Mazatlan, Mexico to party with his friends for Semana Santa/Spring Break. Continue reading